Development after Vagrant

A while ago I posted about using composer to install ansible dependencies to provision a vagrant box. At home I changed my setup now an moved to a local ansible setup. This means all needed software is installed via ansible on my local machine and configured to match my development needs.


  • better Perfomance
  • no overhead to maintain the vagrant box for every project
  • simpler debug setup


  • probably not exactly the software dependencies as in production
  • harder to setup on a non linux

The first point of the Con can be minimized by a build environment matching the production setup. For me the setup is much less effort to get things run. The difficulties arising from the usage of a VM on the build system make things even easier. 

The last point is a lesson learned at work, the build was very instable and took much longer when running on the system itself. It was fun developing the installer for the ansible playbooks and learn somethng about composer. But the value in real life seems to be not this huge.